Litigation Funding Insights with Heather Collins

In episode four of season two of "The Cut" we have Andrew Blundell Principle at Cathro and Partners speaking with Heather Collins.

In episode four of season two of “The Cut” we have Andrew Blundell Principle at Cathro and Partners speaking with Heather Collins.

She is an investment manager at Omni Bridgeway, speaks on the importance of trust and relationships in the litigation funding space.

Collins emphasizes the need for trust with funders and stakeholders, working well under stress, and enjoying the work and the people you work with.

Heather has been with Omni Bridgeway for over 3 years, starting at ACT supreme court, then becoming In House Counsel for Enterprise Finance Solutions, working with Lendlease, CBP Lawyers, Baker & McKenzie and was the President of the Women’s Insolvency Network of Australia.

This dynamic conversation about insolvency through the lens of law touches on:

  • [00:01:05] Why Litigation funding is important.
  • [00:06:48] Finding Your Niche in Law.
  • [00:07:46] Distilling complex legal arguments.
  • [00:10:44] Investing in Litigation Cases.
  • [00:14:03] Litigation funding and claim size.
  • [00:17:29] Litigation funding and asset tracing.
  • [00:23:29] Building relationships in the industry.
  • [00:27:25] Global economy and litigation funding.
  • [00:28:13] Insolvencies in the construction industry.
  • [00:32:28] Cyber security and data breaches.
  • [00:40:29] Corporates and litigation funding.
  • [00:43:40] The future of litigation funding.

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