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“Distress in construction and some practical tips that construction businesses might take in situations when they are staring down a financial distress situation”.
This article aims to outline to the readers how the proper management of working capital is critical to achieving growth that generates value and strengthens returns across sectors.
The unit’s plan in the Australian Capital Territory is managed by the Unit Titles (Management) Act 2011 (the Act”) and the OC is responsible for managing it.
Will businesses in financial distress or teetering on the edge of insolvency start to utilise the small business restructuring process introduced in January 2021 now that we have emerged out of the COVID lockdowns, related legislative protections and support packages?
In this low interest rate environment access to capital has been plenty. Your clients should be taking advantage of this opportunity and reviewing their finance facilities to determine if they are getting the best possible financing deal. ​
As restructuring and insolvency practitioners, we often encounter businesses failing simply because they have poor legal documents or financial systems in place.
The world has changed – Australians are locked down and facing challenging restrictions. What that means is that businesses (your clients) could be severely impacted.