Insights into the world of Intangible Assets, Joel Hanrahan, Managing Director, EverEdge Global.

In episode nine of season two of "The Cut", Managing Principal, Simon Cathro, is joined by Joel Hanrahan from EverEdge Global.

In episode nine of season two of “The Cut”, Managing Principal, Simon Cathro, is joined by Joel Hanrahan from EverEdge Global.

Together, they explore the world of intangible assets, such as data, brand, intellectual property, confidential information, software, relationships and more. They discuss how building a narrative around your competitive advantage is crucial for justifying higher valuations and attracting investments.

Joel shares his background in growth-focused roles and talks to the significance of intangible assets in various sectors, including transactions and M&A.

Tune in for valuable insights into the realm of intellectual property and its profound impact on achieving business success.

What you’ll learn about:

  • [00:27] Building a narrative around intangible asset
  • [04:38] Intangible assets and competitive advantage.
  • [09:59] The changing value of companies.
  • [13:23] The value of network effects.
  • [19:33] Valuing intangible assets.
  • [21:26] The value of intangible assets.
  • [25:10] Maximising value for creditors.
  • [29:02] Intangible assets worth more.
  • [33:30] Exploring intangible asset value.
  • [38:09] Five things for intangible assets.
  • [41:45] Intangible asset expert importance.


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