Openpay Enters Liquidation: Cathro & Partners Appointed as Liquidators

Major Buy Now, Pay Later Firm Openpay Faces Liquidation After Financial Collapse.

Major Buy Now, Pay Later Firm Openpay Faces Liquidation After Financial Collapse

Openpay, a major player in the buy now, pay later market, has entered liquidation following its collapse earlier this year. The company, which had accrued more than $66.1 million in debts to creditors and owed significant amounts in unpaid wages, struggled to find a buyer or secure recapitalization. Simon Cathro and Declan Lane of Cathro & Partners have been appointed as liquidators and administrators to manage the winding-up process. This development marks a significant turn in the fortunes of Openpay, which had listed on the ASX in 2019 but failed to achieve profitability since its stock market debut.

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