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Introduction to Insolvency and PIAs Welcome to Cathro & Partners’ guide on Personal Insolvency Agreements. Before we delve into PIAs, let’s understand some key concepts. Insolvency occurs when an individual or business can’t meet their debt obligations. This guide will clarify terms like ‘debtor’, ‘creditor’, ‘insolvency practitioner’, and ‘bankruptcy’ to

A Company Director is someone elected or appointed to manage a company’s business and affairs.
Insolvent trading is the law under the Corporations Act section 588G that says that if a company is insolvent and a director allows the company to incur a new debt, then the director can be made personally liable for the new debts incurred. The law makes directors responsible for ensuring
Under the Corporations Act 2001, there are several transactions that may be considered voidable in circumstances where a company is placed into liquidation.
What is Small Business Restructuring (under section 453 B Act )? This video outlines the Small Business Restructuring process, timelines, duties of Director and restructuring practitioner; and the benefits of such an appointment.
What is a Mortgagee in Possession? This video outlines the Mortgagee in Possession process, timelines, duties of an Agent and the benefits of such an appointment.
What is a voluntary administration? This video outlines the voluntary administration process and the key processes and options that can be taken.
What is a Creditors Voluntary Liquidation? This next video in our education series explains what a Creditor’s Voluntary Liquidation is and how the process works.
The second video in our educational series discusses members’ voluntary liquidation. This video will explain both the process of members’ voluntary liquidation and why numerous companies may need to participate.
The first in our series of educational videos. This video explains the Safe Harbour process and how Cathro & Partners can help businesses through financial difficulty.