Declan Lane

A Members’ Voluntary Liquidation (MVL) is a formal process of winding up the affairs of a solvent company. The members of the company, via a special resolution, decide to wind up the company…
The perplexing conundrum of observing insolvency and financial tumult in Australia’s mining sector amidst record highs in mineral prices and employment, invites scrutiny into the undercurrents that drive these seemingly paradoxical scenarios.
A personal insolvency agreement (“PIA”), also known as a Part X agreement, is a formal arrangement that an insolvent debtor can propose to their creditors under Part X of the Bankruptcy Act 1966 (Cth) (“the Act”). The agreement provides an alternative to bankruptcy.
I recently spoke at the Australian Restructuring, Insolvency and Turnaround Association (ARITA) Queensland state conference on technology in professional services firms and this got me thinking about how this information may be of benefit to our Cathro and Partners network.
Audited Financials are qualified financial statements (Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss) by an independent qualified auditor that confirms whether the statements accurately reflect a company’s financial performance.
When will I get paid if the Company that owes me money is placed into External Administration?
The full federal court, in the recent decision of Morton as Liquidator of MJ Woodman Electrical Contractors Pty Ltd v Metal Manufacturers Pty Limited [2021] FCAFC 228 considered the provisions of…